BSH Island 2022



After last year's epic performances, a new, 3rd edition of the BSH festival is coming back to the 🏝 Island of Pag 🏝 from 29 June to 03 of July and will bring some of the dance music's finest names. 
So, are you ready for another round of incredible parties? 😎
Because if you are, Archie Hamilton and Ben Sterling will bring a touch of a combination of old and modern techno sounds, while Blackchild will make people dance to new, hot hits.
 There will also be Paco Osuna with his world hits like „House with me“, „Crazy Circus“ and many others. With their great hits, an unforgettable party will be made by wAFF and Dennis Cruz too. 🎶

With this line-up, you will experience a new and exciting musical adventure like you have never experienced before.
But, that's not all! 🤩
In addition to club events, there will also be an off-location event at the 17th-century Fortress of Pag that gives the festival another exciting charm. 

And after all of that, there will also be 1st official afterparty hosted by the E3Ast music crew with Maqassa and special guests who will join you for a long morning ride on July 2nd, starting from 5 am.

Could this Festival be any better? 
Get ready for this event and BOOK your accommodation with us! 🏘