Beautiful beaches on Island of Pag

Novalja is mainly known as a party destination and Zrće beach, but that is not the only thing this place has to offer.
With all the different activities and interesting places you can do and visit, it has beautiful beaches that you can enjoy during your stay on the beautiful island of Pag.

Here are some of the beautiful beaches we suggest you go on while visiting Novalja:

Beach Ručica
Ručica Beach is located near the city of Novalja and its beauty will leave you breathless. This sandy beach will attract the youngest ones as well as the oldest ones.
There are no natural shades on the beach, but you can rent parasols for yourself and enjoy the beach fully. There is a beach bar where you can refresh yourself with a cocktail or something else.
Parking space is available near the beach.

Planjka Beach
Planjka Beach, located in Stara Novalja. It is well-kept and covered with fine sand, offering many different activities.  Due to excellent conditions, this beach has had a Blue flag since 2004. This beach has won two awards: best-kept beach, and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast.

Beach Čista
When translating the name „Čista“ it means clean/pure. This sandy beach is located around 5 km from Novalja and as the name says, it is really clean. This beach is perfect for relaxation and enjoying a hot summer day. There is a bar/restaurant where you can refresh yourself, and also, there is a parking space. The beach is suitable for families, as well as everyone else who wants to peacefully enjoy the day and crystal clear sea.
Photo: Nadio
Photo: Nadio /


Beach Beritnica
The amazing beach on the island of Pag, close to Novalja. It is accessible only by a short hike from the beach of Ručica or by sea. This beach is famous for its beauty and peacefulness. It is a sheltered bay and quiet, perfect for relaxation. There is a famous trail „Life on Mars“ that passes by Beritnica Beach. This Beach is also on the route of a kayaking experience and that's one more way to visit it.
Whichever route you take to this beach, you will be blown away by the beauty of the landscape and beach.
Photo: Agencija Posada
Photo: Agencija Posada /